“We need to work with what you have.” 🛸

Hello, everyone! It’s #WIPWednesday, and I have a treat for you. I’m sharing an excerpt from the next Cygnian 7 book, Lar: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance. It might change a bit in its final (edited) form, but I really love how it is right now. We’ll see!

In this scene, Lar is sparring with Sophie, training her on how to use the Cygnian wristbands that he gave her in the previous book. Sophie already has experience with fencing, thanks to one of her many previous exes, so she’s using the energy-blade function. Cygnian wristbands are really useful!

Please enjoy 💙

She used her proximity with her opponent to lash out with the leg closest to him, wrapping her knee around his in a move that should have knocked him off balance and thrown him to the floor.

That didn’t work, either.

It did, however, send frissons of pleasure racing up and down her spine. She always felt them when Lar was around, especially when they touched—even through their clothes.

The thought of touching him not through his clothes was a further distraction. One she couldn’t afford at the moment.

Lar cast a strained smiled at her and her stomach did a flip. “That might work on a human, but not on me,” he said.

He pushed against her sword. With her leg still half-wrapped around his, she lost her balance and fell backwards.

“Oof.” She landed hard on her backside.

Lar stood above her, still smiling that gentle smile of his. “You need to remember that your opponents will not always be human. Find their weaknesses. Exploit them.”

“That doesn’t sound very Cygnian,” Sophie said.

He shrugged. “You’re from Earth. We need to work with what you have.”

This couple is quickly becoming one of my favorites. They’re perfect for each other, with Lar’s groundedness complementing Sophie’s flighty nature. Both share a similar sense of honor and they value keeping their word—which is proving to be very problematic for them as I get further into their story.

If you want to read more of this chapter, it’s included at the end of Kral: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance. You can see how Sophie and Lar meet in Kral’s book as well!

He’s waited long enough.

Kral has respected the wishes of others for long enough. His new human friends, his parents, the king and queen of Cygnus-Prime. Earth might not be ready to know that aliens are real, but his soulmate is. He can feel it—feel her. And nothing will stop him from claiming her.

For months, Becca Myers has been feeling a growing restlessness, like the electric crackle in the air before a storm. She knows that change is coming, but not how or…who. She never imagines that change is coming in the form of a huge, blue warrior determined to make her his own—let alone that he’s the prince of an alien world.

Their coming together will set off a chain of events that will shape the future of both their worlds. But with enemies targeting them and those they love, will they survive to see it?

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