Business or Pleasure—Sneak Peek 1

I've heard from a few readers that they're really excited to get to read another Department of Homeworld Security novella so soon after Resident Alien. I'm thrilled to make this happen for them! We've met Khel twice now, both in Gray Card and in Resident Alien. He's the perfect Sadirian soldier (at least, he tries … Continue reading Business or Pleasure—Sneak Peek 1



All of my cover reveals are special. This one, though, tops the list. It's my second Indie endeavor, it's for a series I absolutely adore, and it's the first cover I made myself! Are you ready? I need to take a deep breath... Okay. Here we go. Ta-da! 😀 Yup. This cover turned out so … Continue reading Presenting…

Gray Card has Launched!

I'm so thrilled that Gray Card launched today! I have many series in the works, and The Department of Homeworld Security is one of my favorites! The novellas feature super-hot genetically engineered aliens who spend so much of their lives focusing on technology that they've lost touch with their bodies—until they encounter Earthlings eager to … Continue reading Gray Card has Launched!

The Super-Secret Scifi Erotica Novella

I played this one close to the chest. Really close. But if you follow me on Twitter or check my Facebook page, you've undoubtedly seen me talking about "the super-secret scifi erotica novella". I love this story, these characters, and this new universe so much. Seriously. But the novella itself is not serious. It is … Continue reading The Super-Secret Scifi Erotica Novella