“Resident Alien” Pre-Order!

One of the biggest milestones in getting a book out there is seeing it come up for pre-order on various sites. Resident Alien is now on Amazon!

Resident Alien by Cassandra Chandler

I love that cover. It captures the feel of the story perfectly. The little touches also really make it for me—like Brandon’s watch (he’s a tech genius). And of course, that beard… What was I talking about? Right, the cover. And the book!

The Department of Homeworld Security series is by far the funnest thing I’ve ever written. I’m doing my best to keep the stories light-hearted, but if you dig a little deeper, you can see that there are big things going on in the background. The Coalition is in for some rough waters ahead! Or rough…space-lanes…or something. I’m keeping the focus on the main characters and their budding love (because hey—these are Romance novellas, after all 🙂 ), but will be sprinkling in hints about what’s going on “behind the curtain” as the series progresses.

The next two series arcs are already forming in my head. I can’t wait to write them! But I’m also starting a brand-new series and writing the first book for that, which needs to happen first (alas, the spider-headed zombie romance has grown into yet another series, and is going to have to wait a bit longer for its turn).

Don’t worry, though. There’s plenty more to come in the Department of Homeworld Security series 😀

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