Still Celebrating…With Food!

It's been just over a week since Lingering Touch came out. There's been so much activity surrounding it! I added a section to the Lingering Touch page on my web site just to track all the guest blog posts, features, and interviews! ❤ I'm thrilled to have been interviewed on the USA Today Happy Ever... Continue Reading →


Celebrating “Lingering Touch”

Hey, everyone!  It's been an exciting week with the release of Lingering Touch, the third paranormal romance novel in The Summer Park Psychics series. Today, I'm over on Joyfully Reviewed giving an interview. I think you'll really enjoy it! There's also a great excerpt up on Night Owl Reviews. Lingering Touch has also received its... Continue Reading →

“Lingering Touch” Launch Day!

Happy Book Birthday, Lingering Touch! I'm so proud of you... *sniff* Seriously, I am so proud of this book. I wanted to make sure it stood on its own, even as the last in this three-book story arc that introduces the world of The Summer Park Psychics. Lingering Touch furthers the strong characters and relationships from... Continue Reading →

Think You Know the Summer Park Psychics?

Let's have some fun with The Summer Park Psychics! How well do you know the series? Right answers will turn green when you click them, and wrong answers are red. Warning: there are spoilers for Wandering Soul and Whispering Hearts in the questions below 🙂 Tell us how you did in the comments!  

Whispering Hearts Backstory — Rachel

Whispering Hearts is launching tomorrow! I'm really excited for this one (in case you couldn't tell). Last week, I posted a short piece from Garrett's perspective of when he and Rachel first met. Here's the same event from her point of view. This happened several years before the events of Wandering Soul and Whispering Hearts.... Continue Reading →

One More Week!

We're only a week away from the release date for Whispering Hearts! A hunky doctor, a clairsentient socialite, and super-hot romance! What more could you ask for? Alligators, you say? Well, it has those, too. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? 😀

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Rachel was born at 11:55 p.m. on December 8, 1983. I have never had to go into as much detail about a character's birth, infancy, and childhood. I like to think I know Rachel quite well at this point. After throwing a HUGE party for Garrett not long ago, Rachel opted for a more quiet... Continue Reading →

Winter Ghosts

Winter's landscape is the perfect time for reading ghost stories. As a child, I often snuggled up under a blanket, flashlight held tight and eyes wide as I read ghost stories long into the night. The stark landscape, made up of whites and grays, with the barren trees reaching toward the sky with scrabbling branches...... Continue Reading →

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