Happy Anniversary, Whispering Hearts!

A year ago today, Whispering Hearts, the second Summer Park Psychics book, was released into the world. This book will always have a special place in my heart because it includes my favorite hero I’ve written so far—Garrett Wolfstrom: Hunky Doctor <3

Whispering Hearts by Cassandra Chandler

It was also my first “second book in a series”. Publishing a title is an amazing feeling. Seeing a series move forward… That takes it to a whole new level. Whispering Hearts was my first taste of that. Continue reading “Happy Anniversary, Whispering Hearts!”

Fictional Friends

One of the reasons I write is that I love books. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. The characters in my favorite books have kept me company when I was lonely and been with me through both good times and bad. In short, they were friends.

This feeling of connection is even stronger with the characters I write, especially with the Summer Park Psychics series. Continue reading “Fictional Friends”

A Ghostly Excerpt — “Lingering Touch”

Here’s a Halloween treat for you all to enjoy—a creepy excerpt from the third Summer Park Psychics novel, Lingering Touch.

Finn’s psychic ability to read objects comes in handy while working as a private investigator—until he starts working a case involving the recently deceased serial killer, Michael Angelo. Reading the memories of Michael’s victims opens a conduit between Finn and something far more dangerous than echoes of the past, and only Jazz’s touch can pull him back from the darkness.

Lingering Touch by Cassandra Chandler

Continue reading “A Ghostly Excerpt — “Lingering Touch””

Still Celebrating…With Food!

imageIt’s been just over a week since Lingering Touch came out. There’s been so much activity surrounding it! I added a section to the Lingering Touch page on my web site just to track all the guest blog posts, features, and interviews! <3

I’m thrilled to have been interviewed on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog site (check out my new glasses!). There’s also a feature on MJ Schiller, Romance Author‘s site. I wrote a guest blog post for Fresh Fiction about who I’d cast as the characters in Lingering Touch if it were made into a movie. I also wrote a guest blog post for Ever After that I hope you’ll enjoy. Continue reading “Still Celebrating…With Food!”