The Story Behind Trade Secrets

I’ve been wanting to share the secret behind the adorable “space cats” that I introduced in Import Quarantine for a long time now. In Trade Secrets, you finally find out how they became so special! It only makes sense that I share this information in my story for Pets in Space 6 since the kittens were introduced in my first story with the Pets in Space® anthology! 💖

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WIP Wednesday — Trade Secrets

We’re less than a week away from release day for Pets in Space 6! It’s so exciting! 💖

Be sure to pre-order your copy so you don’t miss out on this limited edition anthology.

My story this year is book 15 of The Department of Homeworld Security. Can you believe the adventure has been going on for that long? And it’s really just getting started!

Book 15 is called Trade Secrets, and in it, you’ll learn the answer to one of the questions readers have been longing to know: What is the deal with the super-smart space cats that were born aboard the Reckoning in Import Quarantine??

You have to wait a little longer to find out, but in the meantime, enjoy this excerpt. It’s after the bump, of course.

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Pets in Space® 5—Scifi With A Touch of Paranormal

I’ve had lots of fun writing a werewolf on a hoverbike in my Scifi/Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance mashup Blades of Janus series. I decided to spread that fun around by adding a bit of the paranormal to The Department of Homeworld Security. For my story in the Pets in Space® 5 anthology, Rate of Return, I decided to explore a new group of sentients—space werewolves!

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