Messages from the Universe

Here’s a quick little post about the Universe once again giving me some feedback 🙂

White FlowersLast night, I gave myself a bit of a break and played some video games in front of the TV (decadent!). I have so many projects in the works right now, with edits for the spider-headed zombie romance underway, the next book already unfolding in my mind, and a launch coming up on Monday (seriously?? already??), but I really needed to rest and unwind.

I decided on a favorite talk show. There were several episodes to choose from, so I picked one with a musical guest I admire. I had become kind of absorbed in my game, when I heard one of the guests say, clear as day, “business or pleasure.” I looked up, then looked over at my husband.

“That’s the book I’m releasing on Monday,” I said.

He was well aware.

At first, I thought it was the Universe giving me gentle encouragement to get back to work, but in the end, decided it was reminding me that everything I do feeds into my writing. Whether it’s reading a book about the craft, taking a walk out in nature and paying attention to how the leaves dance in the wind, or even watching a TV show. Taking the time to rest doesn’t detract from my work, it makes it—and me—stronger. <3

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