The Strong Sun Moon

Today is triply blessed for me. It’s the Summer Solstice and the full moon for June—the Strong Sun Moon. And also, today is the release day for my latest scifi novella (which is not at all a coincidence 😉 ).

Solstice Flowers

It’s a good time to take stock of the last year, and after reading my post for last year’s June full moon, I’m amazed, humbled, and grateful for all the wonderful progress in my writing career.

One of the best parts of being a hybrid author is that I can pick the release dates for my Indie works. I knew I wanted Business or Pleasure to come out in June. When I checked the calendar and saw that the full moon fell on the Summer Solstice, I knew I had to pick today as my release date.

The Summer Solstice marks when the day is longest and the sun is at full strength. And tonight’s full moon is the Strong Sun Moon. So much solar energy!

This is a great time for bringing projects to fruition and taking action. My focus is on the new release, and I’ve renewed my determination and commitment to my writing plan for the rest of the year. After editing the current full-length scifi novel, I’ll send it to beta readers, and dive straight into the nonfiction book that I feel I need to get down on paper. After that, I’ll be writing the next three Department of Homeworld Security novellas.

While I was thinking this all through, I realized that I need to go ahead and edit the paranormal romance novel that I’ve been sitting on (the start of a whole new series and world!), and send it in to a publishing company I’ve been watching for a while. It’s exciting to think about submitting a piece again, so stay tuned for more news about that. Plus the series is just awesome. It’ll be six novels long when I’m done, with lots of overlapping action (i.e. you get to see the same scenes from multiple POVs in different books 🙂 ).

Once this is all done, I’ll be writing the second book in the full-length scifi romance series—which is really where most of my energy is going to be going for a while. It’s such an interesting universe, and I’m excited at the direction the series is heading. It’ll start with four books, then the sky isn’t the limit (pretty sure they’re going to space in the fifth book, and SUPER excited to work out how that will…work out 😉 ). There are tons of covers to design and I have an art project that will go along with the new series that I’m also incredibly excited about. This series is truly epic. Stay tuned!

I’m also thrilled that the third Summer Park Psychics book is coming out August 2 (less than two months away!). Lingering Touch takes place at the same time as Whispering Hearts, and is both full of action and even creepier (I think so, anyway). I’ve also come up with an idea for stories to bridge the gap between this group of friends and then telling their children’s stories (which I plan to write in about twenty years O.o). Lots and lots and lots to do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope we all have a summer that is filled with light, love, and laughter.



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