Focusing on Happiness—Week Twelve

What I’m happy about this week: rest.

Icy LeafLast year around this time, I made a holiday themed banner for my website. I put my first two published titles in a sleigh being pulled by cute spaceships. And of course, the dragon Bookwyrm was dressed in her festive Santa hat <3

Christmas Banner

If I tried to update the picture for this year… Well, let’s just say we’d need a bigger sleigh 🙂

The last two years have been incredibly productive and a heck of a lot of work—and it was only the beginning. To be ready for what’s next, I need to shift my energy and refocus my time. And yes, take a little bit of a breather as the year winds down.

I’ll still be writing, of course, but am toning down my word counts so I can do other things as well. Like exercise and get a bit more rest. I need to be in top form for 2017 (I have big plans for it. Very big plans 🙂 ). I’m also setting aside more time to think and work on staying centered.

It’s been “all engines full” for a very long time at the keyboard. There are other creative projects related to writing that I want to spend more time with. My newsletter could use some love, and I want to incorporate some of my other artistic pursuits with my writing (puppets, anyone?). You’ll be seeing a lot more weirdness and whimsy here in 2017. It’s going to be a great year.

Wishing you all the best!



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