Focusing on Happiness—Week Forty-Seven

What’s making me happy this week: having a new Scifi novella available for pre-order!

I love this cover.

This is my new favorite in the Department of Homeworld Security series. I mean, I also love Gray Card (and all the others), but Duration of Stay was so much fun to write.

I’ve never written characters quite like these, and allowed myself so much more freedom in their choices. I was constantly shocked and surprised by things they did and said (I kinda sorta pretty much totally wrote it without an outline—just a vague idea of a few pacing points :S ). The result is my new favorite piece of dialogue I have ever written.

Brooke: “Oh my God. Did you use your shapeshifting abilities to become a giant asshole, or is that part of your natural form?”


I have to admit, I ended up loving this pair more than I expected to. I hope you love them as well!

August 29 is just around the corner. Pre-order it now so you don’t miss out! 😀

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