Thoughts on the Corn Moon

Today is the full moon known as the Corn Moon. This lunar energy is great for taking stock of the things that are working in life and looking at the things that should be let go.

Worry is always at the top of my list of “things to let go”. I’m adding self-criticism to that this year. Both of those choices hurt more than help—and I can’t kid myself that they aren’t choices. The trick is training myself to become aware of when I’m doing them so I can stop.

I’m still using my mantra of “This space reserved for writing” when I catch myself. It helps to have something to substitute for whatever imaginary issue my brain is chewing on.

There’s a saying that one should only keep “that which grows corn for you.” On the Corn Moon, I keep this at the front of my thoughts. What makes my life better? What keeps me healthy and helps me grow?

One of the best things for my wellbeing is writing. It gives my brain constructive things to focus on. The complexity of my series help me to really keep my thoughts in check. I haven’t had enough time to write lately, and it’s definitely showing.

As I move forward, I’m going to pull on the energy of the Corn Moon to push aside the minutia that’s eating up my time and focus on the things that bring me the greatest joy.

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