Blood Moon Goals — 2020

This is the new moon before the Blood Moon, and wow… Just… wow. I realized that I totally blew by the actual Harvest Moon, as life has been intensely busy. Lots of harvests going on, and even more crops of new ventures being planted. But usually to make room for the new, we must let go of something. That’s where the energy of the Blood Moon comes in for me.


I need to make room in my life for the new adventures I’m beginning. The Urban Fantasy series is most likely going to come with a new pen name. That’s exhilarating, but also a lot of work! And I also need to find time to actually, you know… write the books!

I have absolutely taken on too much lately. Some of those things will be wrapping up in the next month or so. Some will go on for many months to come. So what can I let go of? Honestly, I’m not sure. But I hope to spend some time leading up to the Blood Moon thinking about what I can release that will be a healthy sacrifice leading to a more authentic and enriching life.

Is there anything that you’re thinking about letting go of? Time sinks, bad habits, or energetic ties that no longer serve  you? Let me know in the comments!

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