Oak Moon Goals β€” 2021 πŸŒ™

The last New Moon of the year is upon is! It’s the New Oak Moon. This is the oak tree in our backyard πŸ’–

Oak trees make me think of strength and resilience. Though they might be slow to grow, their roots go deep and they can handle most storms that come their way. I think the message for me this lunar cycle is patience.

When I look back at my life so far, the things that matter most took the longest to manifest. Like the oak, they grew slowly, but are now incredibly strong aspects of my existence.

I’m going to think about what roots I need to dig into place to keep me stable in the future I’m moving toward, then set up an action plan to make them happen. I have big goals for 2022.

By the end of next year, I may not have created a huge, towering tree in terms of my goals, but I’ll know that the progress I have made is solid and a wonderful foundation for everything to come after.

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