Focusing on Happiness—Week Eight

What I'm happy about this week: having an action plan. I always do better when I have an idea of where I'm heading, what's important to me, and what I want to be working on each day—or even each moment. I made a list of areas that I want to keep in my focus. I... Continue Reading →


Focusing on Happiness—Week Seven

Holding on to hope and sharing kindness as much as possible. That is all I have for today.

Sunday Surprise — Cover Reveal!

Hey, everybody! Work has been progressing on the nonfiction book highlighting some of the things I've learned so far on my writing journey. I finished the final galleys today! I also have a cover to share. Are you ready? It turned out about perfect. I had two things I wanted for the cover: I wanted... Continue Reading →

Opening Up to Happiness

Joyful Autumn Equinox, everyone! Today, night and day—light and dark—are balanced. Tomorrow, we begin the gentle exhale into the dark half of the year—my two favorite seasons. It seems a perfect time to start along a new path, to cultivate a new focus. As the wheel of the year turns, I am going to do... Continue Reading →

A Heartfelt Thanks

This week has been so busy with release activities, I almost forgot today's blog post! But never fear, here it is 🙂 Short and sweet, I want to use this post to simply say, "Thank you." Thank you to the readers who check out my blog every week, to those inquiring people who follow the... Continue Reading →

Family Matters

I spent hours trying to write a blog post about family for this week. Hours. And in the end, I realized that the question is too important to me to try to fit all of my thoughts into one blog post. I don't just have words on the topic of family—I have worlds on it.... Continue Reading →


After a launch, I'm always eager to hear what readers have to say. Have they read it yet? Did they like it? Did they find something I missed? It's nerve-wracking and exciting and one of the best (and sometimes worst) parts of this whole experience. We write to share our stories. One of the most... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Blog

WordPress just notified me that today is the two-year anniversary of my blog 🙂 I love my blog and am so excited about the year ahead—beginning my Indie adventures! Just a reminder, I'll be at Black Dog Coffeehouse in Lenexa, KS, this Wednesday, 3/16/16, from 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. for a signing, along with... Continue Reading →

Looking to the Future

Last week ended with news I was not expecting. Samhain Publishing announced they were planning on shutting down. It didn't feel real at the time. It still doesn't. Things can take sudden turns in the publishing industry. It's so strange to think that I had originally planned a cover reveal for this week, but am... Continue Reading →

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