Harvest Moon Goals — 2020

We’re heading toward the Harvest Moon, and I’m getting ready to harvest something that’s been ripening for almost two decades.


I began working on an Urban Fantasy world so long ago that I honestly can’t remember where it began. After a lot of soul searching and even more amazingly helpful conversations with my readers and my closest writer friends, I’ve decided it’s time to start bringing that world onto the page.

What does this mean for my current projects? I’m not entirely sure. I know they’ll be ripening in the back of my mind, just as this has been doing for so long. I know they’ll be better for me waiting on them and returning when my creative well has been replenished by living for a while in these new projects. And I know I’ll be returning to them at some point. I love them too much to do otherwise.

Yesterday was Vaughn’s birthday. At first, I thought it was ironic that I should make the decision to set aside his book on his birthday. But when I think of this character who is so dear to my heart, all I feel is relief. He knows it isn’t quite his time, and he is incredibly patient. When I return to Perihelion, I’ll be in a much better place to continue his journey, and the journey of all the Blades. Their world is so epic and involved, I’ll be writing those stories for decades more.

So, this Harvest Moon, I’m calling upon whatever energy might be floating around out there to help me walk into this field that has been growing for so long, and harvest the best ideas, the best characters, and the best experiences I can craft for myself and my readers.

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!

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