Goals for the Quickening Moon

Happy New Moon day! At least, in my part of the world 🙂 February’s full moon is called the Quickening Moon in some Celtic traditions, and it is one of my favorites.

Things are happening. Energy is gathering. Momentum is building.

Beneath the frozen earth, things are pushing, pushing, pushing toward the surface. We may not see it, but we feel it. A crackling in the Winter air. An urgency about what we do.


I love the Quickening Moon for this very reason. Thoughts and ideas are rising up within us. Progress is being made.

Right now, I have:

  • A completed novella that will be ready to publish in March.
  • A cover reveal, just waiting to happen.
  • A super-secret, unbelievably awesome project I can’t wait to tell you about…but have to, for the moment 🙂
  • A brand new project outlined and ready to go.
  • New support structures in place to get me back on track with my writing output.
  • A series waiting in the wings that is getting closer to the “now is the time” pile.
  • A dawning understanding of where another series needs to go.

So much goodness. So much to celebrate. And so much work to do!

February is the shortest month, and I feel the passing of time keenly now. There’s never truly time to waste, and I intend to put every moment to good use. Two weeks till the full moon. Let’s see how far we can get toward our goals!

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