Storm Moon Meditation

Today’s new moon brings us into the time of the waxing Storm Moon. We are two weeks away from Ostara, the Spring Equinoxthe first day of Spring! That this day also falls on the Storm Moon when it’s full only makes me more determined than ever to draw on this growing energy with my meditations.


This Winter has been challenging, with snowstorms and cold and disruptions to our schedules. It’s started to feel like my plans and my own growth have frozenlike the icicles adorning our treesor been buried beneath the piles of ever-present snow.

But Spring is almost here, and it is also a time of stormsa time of change, a time of growth. The snow melts, seeping into the thawing lands. New life emerges. Hibernations end. Spring is a time of movement, and the rainstorms of Spring are nothing like the quiet blanketing of Winter.


Kinetic and cleansing, I will use this as a meditative focusvisualizing the lightning for insight and as a symbol to re-energize my projects and my dreams. The rain will wash away the stagnation of Winter, and the winds will blow at my back, spurring me toward my goals. I want positive progress in my life, I am ready for it, and I will create it.

As this full moon approaches, I will be the storm.

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  1. Many thanks to the readers who pointed out that I initially had written “today’s full moon” instead of “today’s new moon”. I’m so focused on the building lunar energy, I guess I was looking ahead a bit too much! I appreciate the feedback <3

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