Mourning Moon Goals 2019

The Mourning Moon is about letting go of things that don’t serve. It’s about sacrifice.


This post serves as a shining example of what I’ve decided to focus on with this lunar cycle’s energy, as the new moon was actually…yesterday 😖

What I intend to sacrifice is…winging it.

Bear with me.

I used to be known in all my circles as the person most in control of their time and their schedule. One of my childhood nicknames was “the time-miser”. I’ve designed planners and made time budgets, and even still have people seek me out for help organizing their projects and their time. But I’ve been neglecting to really apply what I know to my own life for a while now.

Because reasons. There are always reasons.

Now, I admit, I don’t really want to go back to my previous extreme. And certain amazing elements of my life have entered that bring with them a certain amount of…chaos. Chaos that I love and embrace (hello, parenthood and writer…ness).

Winging it started off being kind of relaxing. Keeping up a planner (or actually multiple planners, as is often the case with me) and making myself stick to my plans is a lot of work. But just winging it day by day is not sustainable anymore. It isn’t serving me, my family, or my readers. It’s certainly not going to bring with it the kind of results that I want to see.

Planners only work if you have a plan. Time budgets only work if you stick with them. Priorities only receive attention if you set them.

There are so many big spectacular wonderful reasons that I needed to leave my schedule open for winging it. I am eternally grateful for the gifts this period in my life has brought. In order to honor those gifts and support them, it’s time to get back on the time-management wagon.

So, for this lunar cycle, as the moon grows bigger, I’m going to work toward a rebirth of my time management skills and focus on exercising the self-discipline necessary to follow through on my objectives. I’m going to sacrifice the time drains that I’ve been indulging in, along with the lack of focus I’ve been letting creep into more and more aspects of my life.

What about you? Did you come up with anything during the Blood Moon that you could let go of in this next Mourning Moon cycle?

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