Cold Moon Progress — 2019

The full moon is here, and…wow, that wasn’t as restful a time as I’d hoped 😊 I’ve heard this moon is also sometimes called the Wolf moon, and that might have been a more apt energy to be focusing on. Movement, hunting, preparing for the true cold of Winter.


Good progress was made, but some of the projects and energy that I’ve changed course on have left me reeling a bit. Our living spaces are in better shape than they’ve been in years. I still don’t have the gaming space reclaimed, but am hopeful that will happen soon. And I let go of a bunch of things from storage unexpectedly.

It’s so much easier to take care of what I actually use when my space isn’t cluttered up with things I’m holding onto for “someday” or “just in case” (I don’t even like wearing jeans anymore—why was I holding onto a dozen pairs?!). Plus I can now think of those things helping others who need them.

I’ve had to change direction in my writing in a way I wasn’t expecting and yet should have seen coming. Certain projects have been frozen in time to perhaps come back to when I’m ready. Other projects are being thawed from the ice, and still more nascent ideas are moving full-speed ahead.

I didn’t get the stillness that I’d hoped for, but I did accomplish quite a bit. And now, for real, I need to give myself that break and recharge my energy!

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4 thoughts on “Cold Moon Progress — 2019

  1. I so get this! Sometimes stillness is not where the growth needs to happen, heh…thankfully the universe has a way of helping us get where we need to be lol. I love your full moon posts, btw! ^_^

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