“Tied up in Customs” Release Day!

Hello, everyone! It’s the official release day for Tied up in Customs! I’m thrilled to have a new Department of Homeworld Security novella out. The world could use more short, sexy, scifi 😉


When I finished the first series arc (Gray Card, Resident Alien, and Business or Pleasure), there was one loose end that I was particularly curious about—what had happened when Sorca went to get Eric? It turns out what happened was…a lot. Continue reading ““Tied up in Customs” Release Day!”

It’s Resident Alien’s Re-Release Day!

Hey, everybody! Resident Alien just re-released today 😀 I’m so excited to share this novella with readers.

Resident Alien, by Cassandra Chandler

Resident Alien is the second book in The Department of Homeworld Security series. It’s the story of a communications specialist whose hobby is trying to contact alien life, and the alien soldier whose attention he definitely captures 🙂 Continue reading “It’s Resident Alien’s Re-Release Day!”

“Gray Card” Surprise!

Greetings, everyone! I’m excited to report that the Department of Homeworld Security series is now entirely in my hands (queue lightning and maniacal laughter). I’m going Indie with this series, which means more novellas coming your way 😀

Before I can get those new stories written, I want to be sure the first three are back out in the world as soon as possible. First, of course, is Gray Card! And I have a surprise for you… Continue reading ““Gray Card” Surprise!”