Blood Moon Progress 2019

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me. I had the biggest (and awesomest) release EVER and am still getting my head around everything I’ve learned and continue to learn from that experience. I’ve also been thinking about my Blood Moon goals and focusing on finding areas of my life where I can cut back so I can spend more of my time and energy on what really matters.

The biggest epiphany to come from this seems so simple and obvious (as most of the best epiphanies are). The best way to keep my focus on the things that really matter is…to keep my focus on the things that really matter 😅

Instead of thinking about all the things I need to scratch off of my project list, I need to keep my brain free for the projects that are bringing me joy or accomplishment in this moment. Instead of trying to wrap up things I honestly don’t have the heart to finish, I can actually leave them in those boxes and deal with them another time—or even pass them on to someone who would love to pick up where I left off.

I do a lot of things because I think I should. It’s time to let go of that, to sacrifice the busy-mindedness that surrounds it. Staying in constant motion gives me the illusion of happiness, when I’m scurrying from one to-do item to another, checking things off. But that’s not the path to a truly happy life. At least, not for me.

I need to keep my focus on the things that really matter. My health. My family. My personal sources of happiness (which, let’s face it, are like 99.9% writing-related 💖📖📝). Moving deeper into the dark half of the year, that is where I intend to shine my light.

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