Strong Sun Moon Goals — 2020

Hello, everyone! Today is the new moon leading up to the Strong Sun Moon. This is when I think about what I really want to shine in my life.


At the top of my list is my writing! I want to find more ways to connect readers with my stories. I have so much to share, and need to figure out how to balance creating more stories and talking about the ones that I’ve already written. Now is a great time to work on that.

And I also want to bring this space more into focus! I used to blog every Wednesday about a writing topic. Then, my writing really picked up, and I moved away from that. I’m trying to re-imagine what I want for this space.

This world of ours is filled with endless possibility. And I really do believe Qui-Gon Jinn’s quote, “Our focus determines our reality.” It’s time for me to bring more things into focus and into the light of the Strong Sun Moon.

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