The Wind Moon

The full moon in April is sometimes called the Wind Moon. This is a time for action. The Wind Moon can fill our sails, giving us renewed energy to continue on our path. Wind can also be cleansing, and the moon is good for pulling us out of ruts and giving that little tug that … Continue reading The Wind Moon


The Storm Moon

Today is March’s full moon. It’s sometimes called the Storm Moon. Storms are often thought of as tumultuous events that can inspire fear. Having been in a hurricane, I understand this. But storms are also cleansing. Lightning strikes can cause forest fires, which burn away layers of underbrush and encourage new growth. Winds clear detritus, … Continue reading The Storm Moon

Happy Halloween! (a little early)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The creativity involved in coming up with costumes and becoming someone (or something) different has always appealed to my writer’s heart. This is also the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when the veil between worlds is thought to be thinnest. Those who have passed are free to return, along … Continue reading Happy Halloween! (a little early)