Cold Moon Goals Progress

Looking back on my post for the new moon this month, I actually made a lot more progress than I realized! My planners for 2019 are set up (I actually have three of them), and though I haven’t mapped out exactly when I’ll be working on each writing project, I’m ready to roll with the next two—and I finished the novella I’ve been working on for way too long! That is some awesome progress.

My favorite thing that came out of this post, though, was a new mantra. When I find myself thinking about topics that only depress me or having absolutely fruitless conversations in my head, the moment I realize it, I think, “This space reserved for writing!” It’s been remarkably effective, and I plan to keep using it even beyond the Cold Moon month.

I’ve also realized how much I’ve become surrounded by drama and gossip. Stepping back and analyzing things can really provide some good perspective on that. As the Cold Moon wanes, I plan to use it as a meditative focus to reduce those sources of disturbance, clearing space for my authentic goals—for activities, conversations, and thoughts I can spend my energy and time on that will make an actual positive difference in my life and the world, or at least the corner of it nearest me 🙂

Clarity is a great tool on the road to true progress.

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