Redbud Blooms 2019

The Flower Moon Begins to Bloom

Hello, everyone! Today is the new moon leading up to the Flower Moon. It’s all about growth, beauty, and potential to me.


What do I want to grow in my life? What brings me the greatest sense of joy?

Right now, it’s all about my writing. I’m well into the first draft of an ambitious effort: my first full-length Department of Homeworld Security novel. That’s right, book 10 in the series is going to be over twice as long as most of the others! (If all goes to plan 😉 ).

Most of the stories in this series are around 20,000 words. They’re meant to be read in a couple of hours at most, you can finish them in one sitting and get that awesome feeling of fun and accomplishment. “You read a whole book! Go you! And it was a super fun read, too :D”

In 20,000 words, it’s easy to keep things light and snappy. This one is going to be 50,000 words, and I’m already having to rein in my muse hardcore. “In 50,000 words, I can introduce all kinds of dark backstories and have room to deal with them and resolve them!” my muse says. To which, I reply, “It’s not that kind of series!”

These are light-hearted, optimistic, Scifi romantic comedies. I have to believe there’s a place for that kind of story in this world. While I am going to touch on some darker things that have been going on in the background all along, I don’t want to dwell there. I want to give you a pure, escapist break with these, where you laugh, blush, and return to your lives refreshed and uplifted.

Those are the seeds I’m planting for this story during this Flower Moon. We’ll see what’s blossomed by the time the moon is full!

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