The Winds of Change

Not long ago, I wrote a post about April's Wind Moon. It turns out, the winds I raised my arms to were the winds of change! A wonderful opportunity has come up that I can't let pass. The rights for the third Department of Homeworld Security novella have reverted to me! That means I am... Continue Reading →


Top Ten Things I Loved About ORACon

I had so much fun at ORACon over the weekend. Seriously. Here is my top-ten list of my favorite parts of the experience. 10. The drive. The scenery on the drive was beautiful with Fall getting ready to set in. At one point, I was driving through the countryside during the golden hour. The trees... Continue Reading →

Blasting Off on Amazon! …Already?!

What the what?! A double-post day? There's just SO MUCH GOING ON! Look what I found available for pre-order on I also discovered that the release date for Gray Card is earlier than I anticipated—October 6! I know a few people who will be very happy to hear that their wait is several weeks... Continue Reading →

Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality

It has been surreal to think about the events of Wandering Soul taking place each day as I’m living my normal life. Walking through the grocery store, I’m picturing Elsa and Dante in Florida. They would be eating breakfast at about that time. Are they having pancakes? Cereal? I didn’t write that moment, so I... Continue Reading →

A Novel Use for Planners

I try to be careful about keeping track of when things occur in my stories. This is especially important when writing series with books that contain overlapping events. Wandering Soul is actually the first of three books that will hopefully mark the beginning of such a series. The next two occur over the same three-day... Continue Reading →

April Fool’s

I'm not a fan of April Fool's Day. I don't like pranks and am always sure to let people know if I suspect they have shenanigans in mind. A particular birthday comes to mind where a friend decided to prank me incessantly even after I expressed my displeasure about it. That was the end for... Continue Reading →


I re-read my earlier post about not writing during edits, and realized that the word "editing" covers a wide variety of tasks for me. There's the initial quick-edit of a piece after the first draft is done, just to get in those changes I don't want to forget. I generally think of this as finishing... Continue Reading →

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