Focusing on Happiness—Week Twelve

What I'm happy about this week: rest. Last year around this time, I made a holiday themed banner for my website. I put my first two published titles in a sleigh being pulled by cute spaceships. And of course, the dragon Bookwyrm was dressed in her festive Santa hat ❤ If I tried to update … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Twelve


Still Celebrating…With Food!

It's been just over a week since Lingering Touch came out. There's been so much activity surrounding it! I added a section to the Lingering Touch page on my web site just to track all the guest blog posts, features, and interviews! ❤ I'm thrilled to have been interviewed on the USA Today Happy Ever … Continue reading Still Celebrating…With Food!

Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality

It has been surreal to think about the events of Wandering Soul taking place each day as I’m living my normal life. Walking through the grocery store, I’m picturing Elsa and Dante in Florida. They would be eating breakfast at about that time. Are they having pancakes? Cereal? I didn’t write that moment, so I … Continue reading Reality + Alternate Reality = Surreality