Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Seven

What I'm happy about this week: Spring. It's certainly starting off busy, this new season. But the trees are bursting with flowers, the grass is greening, and the world is waking up. Time to get moving!


The 300

I’ve been known to get a sunburn within minutes when I go outside at the wrong time of year. Living in Florida for several years when I was a tween made it challenging for me to spend time outside. During one of those years, I decided that I was going to read 300 books. That … Continue reading The 300

Focusing on Happiness—Week Nineteen

What I'm happy about this week: Winter skies and warm bruschetta. A few nice days have helped me get out and about recently. The sky was unbelievably gorgeous over the weekend. I'm focusing on that and the warm bruschetta made with a few leaves kindly donated by our newest housemate, Herbis the basil plant, for … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Nineteen