Focusing on Happiness — Week Forty-Four

What's making me happy this week: Summer's beauty. I'm taking a few moments to catch my breath, reflect, and move forward. Wishing you peace and happiness.


Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Nine

What I'm happy about this week: April showers and 🙂       There have been so many storms lately, and the flowering trees and plants are taking full advantage of it. I've been soaking it all in, taking long walks and spending as much time in our local parks as possible. I know … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Twenty-Nine

Focusing on Happiness—Week Nineteen

What I'm happy about this week: Winter skies and warm bruschetta. A few nice days have helped me get out and about recently. The sky was unbelievably gorgeous over the weekend. I'm focusing on that and the warm bruschetta made with a few leaves kindly donated by our newest housemate, Herbis the basil plant, for … Continue reading Focusing on Happiness—Week Nineteen